Teriyaki beef salad cups

Looking for something slightly lighter now that the thanksgiving feast is over? Hopefully this should do the trick! Also works great with prawns or salmon.
Ingredients – makes 20
2 little gem lettuces
4 tenderloin beef steaks
1 onion
Teriyaki marinade (I use Kikkoman)
1 lime
Chilli flakes
1 Red pepper (optional)
Bunch of fresh coriander
1. Cut the beef into thin strips (around 2cm wide) – I find scissors are the easiest tools for this!
2. Marinade in the teriyaki marinade (if possible for a few hours)
3. Cut the onion into mid-sized strips and fry in a little olive oil mixed with a dash of teriyaki marinade over a medium heat
4. Add the beef and sliced pepper to the pan , add a sprinkle of chilli flakes and half of the coriander (finely chopped) and fry for 5 mins or until the beef is brown on all sides.
5. Separate the leaves of the little gem lettuces and place a little of the beef mix in each
6. Squeeze a little lime juice over each leaf and sprinkle the remaining coriander as a garnish
Presentation tip – I think that these look great displayed in a circular formation around a plate as shown in the picture!

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