Last-Minute Weeknight Party Plan

Guests arriving in 10mins? No need to stress, follow this weekday last minute gathering party plan!

Spontaneous last minute plans are often the best but can be stressful if you’re hosting. Here are my top 5 canapé recipes for when you’re running through the door with hungry guests arriving in 10mins! Just pick 2 from the below to provide a lovely lift to your last minute week day event!

Italy Skewers: Mozzarella, tomato & fresh basil leaves – this combo is always a winner!

Tortilla cups with whatever you have in the fridge: Brie & chutney, guacamole, hummus and tomato etc etc…

Prawn & Mango Skewers: You can even pick up pre-cooked (and marinaded) prawns and pre-cut mango if you want to make it even easier! Put them on a stick and place a little dish of sweet chilli sauce nearby for dipping!

Shots of soup: This one really couldn’t be any easier…pick up a fresh soup, heat, pour into shot glasses and add a cheeky garnish!

Classic mini bruschetta – toast some nice bread and cut into small squares, mix some fresh tomatoes chunks with olive oil, balsamic vinegar & fresh basil leaves and assemble. Or why not mix it up and try my truffle and pesto crostini! Bellissimo!

If you need a quick tutorial, check out my Canapé Queen YouTube Channel for video clips on how to put them together!