Kit for canapés

Here are some of my favourite canapé accessories – which just bring that extra special touch to your event!

Bamboo Cocktail sticks for skewers or other wonderful creations, I use these all the time as a little upgrade from regular cocktail sticks 🙂

Tartlet canapé tray, I keep finding new uses for this one – an essential for making canapés from pastry tartlets to panchetta cups for mac’n’cheese and noodle nests!

Mini black canapé bowls for when you’re feeling lazy and just want to put regular food into a mini canapé form!

Platters for perfect presentations…I’m obsessed with this round lazy susan slate tray and rectangular slate trays, also this lovely round white ceramic one by Sophie Conran for Portmerion (I love this whole collection!)

If you’re looking for something a bit more interesting, this heart shaped bowl is super cute or this footed cake plate which add some height difference to your display and these little dishes for sauces are a must too, all by sophie conran for portmerion (again!).

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