Brie, Pear & Thyme Tartlets

Ok, it’s September…I feel like people might be after something a little more indulgent! I tried this out at a dinner party last week as I was intrigued about the combo, but they went down a treat so I had to share 🙂

Shortcrust pastry (can buy pre-rolled if you’re lazy like me!)
1 Pear
200g of Brie
A few sprigs of Thyme


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees centigrade
  2. Roll out the pastry, if you’ve gone shop bought pre-rolled it’s worth rolling it slightly as I find it comes out a little thick
  3. Use a fluted cutter c.5cm diameter to cut out the pastry and place into your tartlet tray (obviously depending on the size of your tartlet tray!)
  4. Peel and cut up the pear into small pieces and place 1 or 2 pieces in each tartlet
  5. Add a small chunk of brie to each tartlet
  6. Place a small sprig of thyme on the top of each tartlet and put into the oven for 12 mins
  7. Take out the oven when slightly brown and leave to cool for 5 mins before serving

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