How did Canapé Queen start?

It’s a question I get all the time, along with “why the obsession with canapés!?” The idea was born during a long drive with my amazing husband Alex when we were on holiday in California.
We had spent a long time talking about the importance of building local community, particularly in the context of the anonymity of living in a city like London where something like 80% of people don’t know the names of their neighbours.
Despite dieting fads and trends, it is still a common fact that we all need to eat and in fact most of us enjoy delicious food with friends! We often cringe at the image of a stereotypical American housewife taking cookies around to the new neighbours, but I’m sure if you asked the recipient they’d actually just be glad to know a friendly face in a sea of new things and if the cookies tasted good too – well that’s just a plus!
Food is a fantastic equaliser and while I’ll be the first to admit that canapés are a little bit pretentious, my hope is that this helps you to think more practically about hospitality and equip you to be part of a growing movement towards creating wholesome and more connected and caring communities.
“But seriously why canapés?” I honestly don’t know! I think its just the opportunity for a little bit of creativity, that and the “ooooh canapés!” comments – as people often don’t expect them although now I have the opposite problem where people expect them! Haha!
Ciao for now Kat xxx
aka CQ
By the way, something that you should also know about me is that I have brand new ideas every other day and most of them don’t make it past the first round (Alex approval rating!) but this one as he said ‘could have legs’, so I ran with it.

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