Sausage Boats

Ingredients – makes 24
4 good quality thick pork sausages (I like to use pork & apple)
1 Apple
Cherry/Plum Tomatoes
Balsamic Glaze
Lemon juice
Cocktail sticks

1) Grill the sausages on a medium heat until cooked, then leave to cool
2) Cut up the apple into squares 2cm x 2cm that are around 1cm thick
3) Douse the apple in lemon juice to prevent it from going brown
4) Cut the cherry/plum tomatoes in half
5) Once the sausages are cool, cut off the very ends and slice each one diagonally into 6 pieces
6) Use the sausage slice as a base, put on a piece of apple and then finish with the halved cherry tomato, put a cocktail stick through the middle to secure
7) Finish with a drizzle of balsamic glaze

Presentation tip: These look fantastic on a white presentation tray with a dramatic drizzle of glaze

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