Brussel Sprouts, Bacon & Cranberry Sauce (Xmas leftovers canapé!)

Sick of leftovers yet? Here’s a new twist to use up those brussel sprouts! Plus…everything is better with bacon…especially brussels!

Ingredients – makes 20
Pack of 20 brussel sprouts
7 rashers of bacon
Cranberry Sauce


  1. Boil a kettle of water and trim/peel brussels
  2. Boil the brussels for 6 mins on a medium heat on the hob, adding a dash of olive oil and pinch of salt to the water
  3. While the brussels are boiling, cut each rasher of bacon into 3, I find the easiest way to do this is cutting off the medallion (big round bit) from the rest and then cutting the medallion into 2.
  4. Remove any excess fat (easiest way to do this is with a pair of scissors)
  5. Remove the brussels from the boil and sieve away the water
  6. Wrap each brussel with a slice of bacon and secure with a cocktail/canapé stick
  7. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan and place the canapés into it for about 5mins (or until bacon is cooked), turning regularly to ensure each side is fully cooked.
  8. Leave to cool and then serve with cranberry sauce

Presentation tip: I think these look great in a circular formation on either a white or black plate with a small dish in the middle with the cranberry sauce. Not bad for leftovers!

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