Crudités in a Cucumber!

This one is a cutie – and perfect for your January detox (or healthy friends!)

Ingredients – makes 12
3 cucumbers
Hummus (or try my homemade hummus recipe here)
Whatever you like as Crudités – my suggestions:
Peppers (your favourite colour(s))
1 or 2 Carrots
Pack of Asparagus
Pack of Celery
Breadsticks (if you’re not being 100% healthy)


  1. Cut the ends off of each cucumber and then diagonally cut each into 4 equal sizes
  2. Use a knife (or even better, a melon baller) to remove the inside of the cucumber, leaving around 1cm at the bottom as a base
  3. Fill around 1/3 full with Hummus (or any other dip for that matter)
  4. Chop your crudités into sticks and assort across your cucumber hummus holders!

Presentation tip – Serve these in lines for a super smart yet healthy canapé option!

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